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What’s in a name?

So, when I first began toying with the idea of starting in on this whole blogging adventure (thanks to some inspiring words from my beautiful friend and colleague, Corina), I was stumped by what probably should be the easiest part - what to call it! A few nights ago, frustrated by my seeming lack of creativity, I gave it up to the universe - I asked for inspiration and flipped open a book of poetry by one of my favorite poets, Mary Oliver. And this is what showed up…

What the body says

from New and Selected Poems, Volume Two

I was born here, and

I belong here, and 

I will never leave. 

The blue heron’s

gray smoke will flow over me

for years

and the wind will decide

all directions

until I am safely and entirely 

something else.

I am thinking of this

this winter morning

as I sit by the fire

and the fire in its red rack

keeps singing

its crackling song

of transformation.

Of course

I wonder about

the mystery

that is surely up there

in starry space

and how some part of me

will go there at last. 

But I am talking now

of the way the body speaks, 

and the wind, that keeps saying, 

firmly, lovingly:

a little while and then this body 

will be stone; then 

it will be water; then 

it will be air.


I mean….right?!?! How perfect is that?! I asked and I received exactly what I needed - a reminder of the quiet peace that comes when we are able to develop a contented relationship with our ever changing context…whether it is with an approaching death, or a sense of uncertainty, or the inability to come up with a name for a blog!

So, there it is - What the body says. Because that is why I am here, right? Why I am at NCNM, knee deep in this journey, on this planet, in this moment in time - to learn to hear what the body is saying through its signs and symptoms, its pulses and vibrations. It is with this carefully gleaned information that true healing is going to be possible - both for myself and my future patients. Here’s to hoping I become a good listener! :)

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